Visit NNU

We wanted to get some information to you about NNU’s upcoming visit dates.  You can see the full list of dates as well as register for visits at

Friday Escapes

These are offered several times throughout the year and are a full day of activities.  Housing can be provided on Thursday or Friday night for the students.

Explore NNU

We offer this two times a year.  This is an incredible event for you to bring your youth groups.  From Thursday evening when you arrive to Saturday brunch, we have some great events planned for you and your teens.  The best part is that it is completely free.  We cover all of yours and your teens costs while you are on campus.

Preview NNU

Lastly, we are introducing a new event this spring.  We will be hosting Preview NNU, a visit event specifically for accepted students.  It is April 9-11th.  The details of this event are not online yet, but for your students who are planning to come to NNU next fall, this will be an event they will want to plan on attending.  It too will be free.

Contact Us for more Information

If you have any questions, feel free to contact our Campus Visit Coordinator, Angela Monroe.  Her email is and her phone number is 208-467-8640.