2024 NW Field Finals

May 24-27, 2024 on the Campus of Northwest Nazarene University

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District Directors:

Alaska -- Mike Zahare (mike.zahare@cdlaw.pro)
Colorado -- Erik Arpelar (earpelar@gmail.com)
Intermountain -- Bobby Ellis (rellis01@nnu.edu)
Northwest -- Vern Riehle (vernriehle@gmail.com)
Oregon Pacific --Jon-Mark Redshaw (juvene85@gmail.com)
Rocky Mountain -- Matt Tygart (ndi@rmnaz.org)
Washington Pacific -- Daniel Bahr (dbahr92@gmail.com)
Field Final Quiz Coordinator -- Bill Buckholdt (northwestquiz@gmail.com)

NW NYI FIELD Bible Quiz Ministry Guidelines

As an integral component of the ministry to the students of the Northwest NYI Field (“NW Field”), the Bible Quiz Ministry (“BQM”) on the NW Field aims to become:

  1. An avenue of meaningful Bible study for youth to attain to a deep and intimate knowledge of Scripture;
  2. A means of increasing fellowship and interaction among youth around the NW Field and the world;
  3. An integral part of the outreach and discipleship aspects of local church youth ministry;
  4. A medium for the training and mentoring of youth leadership;
  5. A catalyst for encouraging active participation in ministry and mission projects;
  6. A bridge for building relationships between youth from different world regions; and
  7. An arena for exciting Christian competition.

In order to fulfill this mission of the BQM, the NW Field will host an annual Field Finals Quiz.  The annual Field Finals Quiz will occur no earlier than the last weekend of March.  In any year the NW Field hosts a Spring event occurring on or after the last weekend of March, the annual Field Finals Quiz shall occur during the event.  The annual Field Finals Quiz will be conducted in accordance with the procedures outlined in this document.

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  • Bible Quiz Ministry Guidelines
  • Eligibility Requirements
  • Organization of Annual Field Finals Quiz
  • and Field Team Matters

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